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Features from: 4 July 2024 – customise covering emails, improvements to email validation, S/EIS report export fixed and more

Customise covering emails – we are starting to allow users to add customisable wording to the covering email sent from Kudocs.¬† This will be in addition to the standard Kudocs wording and is a good way to increase stakeholder engagement (incase they were ignoring our emails!).¬† This is now available on the confirmation statement approval process, and we’ll be applying it to other processes soon.

Email validation improvements¬†we’ve continued to improve if/ when we validate for missing email addresses in processes.¬† We now only ask for emails if they are needed.

S/EIS report export fixed – fixed a small glitch in the S/EIS report export when shares were issued after an oversubscription request.

Share transfer date in registers Рfixed a small glitch in how the date of transfer was showing in certain registers.  It now shows the date of register entry (ie transfer of legal interest) rather than date of beneficial transfer.  This also connects to membership start & end dates (if that is a result of the transfer).

Unpaid and partly paid shares at incorporation – improved how we display actual amounts paid when a company incorporates with partly or unpaid shares.

And as always, lots of small changes under the hood that you might not


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