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Features from: 28 March – Include lawful purpose confirmation in CS approval & more

Send out CS for approval and get signatory to confirm lawful purpose at same time.  If you send a confirmation statement out for approval, the recipient will now also have to confirm that the entity will be carrying out lawful activities, as well as approving the confirmation statement.

Portfolio Admins can cancel subscriptions.  If you have a portfolio and you are a portfolio admin, you can now cancel subscriptions for your entities.  You no longer need to email Kudocs to ask!

Lawful purpose statement now explicitly included in LLP confirmation statements.

Exported registers (pdf, word) now show and sort human stakeholders by surname.  We used to show human stakeholders as first name, last name and sort by first name.  E.g. Albert Zedra would appear before Yasmin Brown.  We now show them as Brown, Yasmin and  Zedra, Albert and sort by surname.  This does not apply to shareholders.

Improvements to how/ when we ask for emails for stakeholders in share transactions.  We used to always ask for all email address of stakeholders in a share transaction, in case you later wanted Kudocs to generate electronic share certificates.  We are removing the mandatory requirement (red asterisk) so you don’t need to add emails if you don’t want to, and will only require email address if you do select electronic share certificates.

Add/ edit docs in completed processes. We continue to add the ability to add/ edit docs to completed processes.  We are rolling this out to all processes, slowly!

Upcoming filings reports include more dates.  Portfolios can receive upcoming filings reports. They now include more dates (such as last CS date and CS reference date), and we have fixed the issue.

Some small bug fixes.

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