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Features from: 27 June 2024 – Add/ remove recipients from share issue perform, preview share issue record, add shareholders to historic reduction by nominal value

Add/ remove recipients from share issue perform – when performing a share issue, you can add or remove subscribers from the transaction whilst in progress.  So if a potential investor drops out, or someone new wants to invest, you can add them to the round.  If you need to edit the amount a subscriber has committed you just remove them and add them back with the new amount.


Preview share issue record – you can now save and preview all information about a share issue before saving.  You could do this before, but certain information would not appear on the SH01 (e.g. allotment date).  This is now fixed so that you can!


Add shareholders to historic reduction by nominal value – you can now add details of shareholders affected by a reduction of nominal value that happened in the past. Whilst reductions affect the whole share capital (so all the shareholders at that time), because it is historic you might not know all the details.  Also, by adding the shareholder to the transaction, the reduction will appear on their page in the register of members (making it easier to read the reduction in their history).


Improvements to onboarding corporate shareholders  – a few small changes to improve how we add information about corporate shareholders and their representatives during onboarding.


Layout adjustments to shareholder register – we’ve improved how we show whole number nominal values (showing to 2dp – e.g. 1.00) and made some spacing changes to accommodate really really larges numbers without the figure wrapping.


Historic shareholder bug fixed – fixed an issue when making a historic shareholder a current shareholder (e.g. issuing shares to a former shareholder)


Various tweaks under the hood, as ever


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