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Features from: 22 March 2024 – Portfolio admins can up/downgrade subscriptions & more

Portfolio Admins can up/downgrade subscriptions.  If you have a portfolio and you are a porfolio admin, you can now amend the subscription type for your entities.  You no longer need to email Kudocs to ask!

Stakeholder notes are now available on the stakeholder dashboard.  If you have the stakeholder dashboard(s) switched on and you add shareholder or optionholder notes, they will appear on the dashboard if you select for them to show.

Improvements to CH form previews.  We’ve updated a few of the CH forms that you can preview to ensure that they are showing all the necessary information.  The submission to CH are always correct, but sometimes the pdf previews miss out on some information.

Improve name checker with CH.  We used to sometimes see the spinner run for a long time while waiting for CH to confirm if an entity name was available.  This is now much faster and smoother.

Add/ edit docs in completed processes. We continue to add the ability to add/ edit docs to completed processes.  We are rolling this out to all processes, slowly!

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