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Features from: 13 June 2024 – Transaction Bibles, import data from other systems, improvements to confirmation statement approvals, change LLP name, system improvements

Transaction Bibles – *NEW FEATURE!* You can now connect transactions into a bible, a bit like the old fashioned completion bibles!  So if you use Kudocs to run multiple transactions, but they are all connected, use the bible feature to connect them all and make it easier to find later.



Import historic data from other systems – we are very pleased to announce that you can now import ‘pre-Kudocs’ data once you have added an entity to the system. You still use Companies House as the source data to create the account, but if you have years of history (which Companies House does not store), you can drag and drop that information into Kudocs and it will create the registers for you.  Available for imports from PCSec and Diligent, with more integrations coming.  Please contact us for more information.


Confirmation statement approvals – choose whether to send our with/out a CS01 or LLCS01.


Removed email validation – further improvements to the existing system so you are not required to enter email addresses for shareholders involved in transactions unless & until the system actually needs an email address (we used to ask for emails in advance, in case we needed them.  Now we only ask if we actually need them).


Allow spaces in company names at incorporation – small bug fix that was preventing you from typing a space in a new company name.


Allow SIC search by number in confirmation statement – small bug fix that was preventing you from typing a SIC code number into the confirmation statement process in order to change the SIC code.


Usual system improvements – under the hood

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