Add & track option schemes and grants

This is a short guide on how to add details of option schemes and grants under that scheme, to Kudocs.

This is a tool to add details of schemes and grants to Kudocs to model & track how the options vest – over time or by reference to performance targets and events – and how that impacts the cap table.

You can add:

  • multiple schemes
  • multiple grants
  • multiple grants under multiple schemes
  • multiple grants and schemes to option holders

Kudocs will model the vesting for you prospectively and retrospectively.  That means you can add details of schemes that are fully vested, partly vested or will vest in the future.

This is not a tool for creating schemes or granting options (you need to do that off line, with relevant professional help).

Keep control of your corporate information: registers, documents, stakeholders, Companies House filings - accurate & available in seconds.

How to add details of option schemes and grants

This feature is available in the Advanced package.
Step 1

Add details of the option scheme

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You first need to add details of the option scheme - what class of shares it relates to (including notional or phantom shares), the scheme type (EMI, CSOP...), the number of options approved under the scheme, etc.
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Step 2

Add details of any grant(s) under the scheme

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Once you have a scheme set up you can record details of any grants under it.

These can have happened in the past and be fully vested and/or lapsed. Or they can be currently vesting or due to vest in the future.

For time-based vesting, you can input the key dates into Kudocs and it will model the vesting schedule and allocate the options in real time. This includes immediate vesting (if any), cliff, vesting schedule and option holders.

For performance-based vesting, you can define the targets/ events and how many options might be granted on those events, and then update them as they are (or are not!) met!

You will then be able to see the grant under the scheme as well as on the relevant stakeholder pages of any option holders.
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Step 3

You can add details of multiple grants and multiple schemes

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Use the tool to record the full details of your company's option programme.

You can edit the details at any time.
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Outputs - all handled automatically by Kudocs

  • View and export a range of option registers to give you full visibility in real time of the status of your option programme.
  • View impact of options on your cap table.
  • Share access with your option holders via the option holder dashboard.

ERS returns (EMI40, CSOP returns, etc) coming soon!

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