Shareholder dashboard*

Give access to your shareholders to core, key information about their shareholdings.  This includes access to their own stakeholder page in Kudocs, the ability to download their own shareholding history and any documents that are attached to their profile (e.g. share, SEIS and EIS certificates, dividend vouchers, etc.) and to review a full history of all shareholder updates the company has sent out.  The perfect tool for high-quality shareholder management – and it’s DIY, so they don’ even need to ask you for it!

  • Published: 2 November 2021 1:32 pm  Author:


    A fully comprehensive package for a company limited by shares, which is – or is likely to be – making changes to its share capital/ shareholders and wants enhanced shareholder management (e.g. shareholder updates and shareholder dashboard).  It has all the features of the Essential and Dynamic packages, plus more. Examples of companies that use

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