Kudocs - the cosec tool for professional advisers

Kudocs is the fast, easy and cost-effective way to manage multiple companies for your clients. Book in a call to find out how it can help you save time and cost.
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Single cost per company per year
No cost per - or to - the user
Companies House fees included

“I have been using Kudocs loads to put together my new investment deck and it makes everything so much easier! I totally understand where I am now (and how I got there) with past investors. ”

Corq Studios
  • What does Kudocs do?
    Kudocs is a cosec/ corporate transactional tool tackling the avoidable pain and cost of cosec duties - whether you are providing cosec as a service, or need to complete cosec tasks as part of corporate transactions. Our customers are mainly professional advisors who use Kudocs for their existing cosec/ corporate practice. Kudocs allows them to improve efficiency and grow an existing (or create a new) practice. Kudocs allows them to complete tasks and duties in a fraction of the time and makes it very easy for client stakeholders to participate (eg electronic signatures and voting for shareholders & directors). Kudocs makes it quick, easy and profitable to: - provide 'cosec as a service' - access accurate and up to date corporate information at any time. No more being sent 20 out of date & incomplete spreadsheets by the client, which are apparently 'the company books! - execute corporate processes to make changes to a company (electronic voting on resolutions, bulk document generation, automatic Companies House filings, etc)
  • What do I need to do to get started?
    Book a call with one of our team so we can find out more about you. It will be quick and we can give you a brief demo of the system if interested. After that, we'll set you up with a white-labelled account (no cost) and you're ready to go - you just need to start adding companies to Kudocs. Adding companies is easy and fast. Kudocs is connected to Companies House via the API, which means that we use Companies House data to create the account for an existing company. Or, if you want to incorporate a new company, we'll submit your application electronically and then create the Kudocs account for the company once it's incorporated. It couldn't be easier.
  • How much does Kudocs cost?
    We charge per company/ year on a PAYG model - so no upfront costs, you just pay as/ when you add a company to the system. It is a single fee per company - that's it: no charge per user or transaction. Kudocs also pays any Companies House fees for you. Costs start from £60/ company year - we offer customised pricing for adviser customers, so please get in touch and we can help.