Kudocs is the online tool for managing corporate information - ideal for Connectd businesses

Kudocs is the legal software service that makes it quick and easy to manage your corporate information - ensuring it is always current and accurate.
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Always correct and up to date
Available at any time
Single cost per company per year

““Straightforward to use, but behind that simplicity it contains all the critical information we need to run the company. It’s great that we can share access with other key stakeholders and advisors - no matter where or how they are working.””

  • What does Kudocs do?
    1) Handles all necessary company management requirements - e.g. incorporation, company registers (also known as company secretarial) and has a live connection to Companies House for e-filing. 2) Automates complete corporate transactions - share issues, transfers, board & shareholder resolutions, investor consents, S/EIS, shareholder updates, document storage. The list goes on!
  • How much does Kudocs cost?
    We charge per company/ year that's it: no charge per user or transaction. Kudocs also pays any Companies House fees for you. Costs start from £100/ company year.
  • My lawyers or accoutants do this for me... I think. Why should I use Kudocs?
    Put simply, Kudocs is cheaper and very easy for you to use. Online banking means you don't need an accountant to run your bank account, or even do some of the basic accounting tasks. So why not corporate management? You can also use Kudocs in conjunction with professional advisers. So if you're not sure about something, give them user access (at no cost) and they can help you you. The majority of our customers use Kudocs with input from professional advisers.

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